Goodbye Hanoi, Hello Dong Hoi!

After hearing I was in for a ten hour ride from Hanoi, my first reaction was to Google “sleeper bus Vietnam”, which resulted in a long list of (mostly) horror stories about uncomfortable beds, rude passengers, and dangerous drivers. My experience on the sleeper bus to Hanoi was anything but that. After the morose goodbyes […]

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Orientation? More like FOREIGNtation! My First Week As A Foreigner

Having concluded our four-day orientation in the capital city of Hanoi, I can confidently say that iced coffee, air conditioning, “having a rest”, and Bia Hanoi have quickly become four of my favorite things about Vietnam. Orientation was a fantastic time meeting new people, exploring a new city, trying new food, and starting an already-immensely […]

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Frequently Asked Questions

In the approximate year it took from the time I hatched this crazy idea to the time I’ll hop on a plane and give it the old college try (I can call it the old college try because I am an alumnus now), I’ve received numerous questions about my plans, logistics, and whatnot. Not surprisingly, […]

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